About myself
About myself 
My Job 


Having fun on my trip to Egypt

This is me.....

My name is Chun Woon Faan but everyone calls me Ringo

This was taken when I was on holiday in Egypt a few years ago. For more pictures of my travels, click on the Odds&Ends button on the left.

I work as a Community Psychiatric Nurse in London where I have lived for the last 20 years. To find out more about my job, click on the My Job button on the left. 

My dog


My beautiful dog was called Lychee - he was with me for 14 years and was a soppy Golden Retriever.

Lychee.....my lovely, soppy Golden Retriever

My former lodger used to look after Lychee when I was on holiday and he (the dog not the former lodger!) was even awarded a certificate for participating in a charity event.

Sadly Lychee is no longer with me but you can find more information about him by clicking on the Odds&Ends button and then on his picture.


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