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Lychee - my lovely Golden Retriever

13th May 1993 to 27th July 2007

 This is my lovely dog Lychee. I am so sad to report that he is no longer with me following a stroke at the age of 14. I miss his companionship and unconditional affection this page is my little tribute to him.

Lychee was very docile, hardly ever barked and had a number of phobias......stairs....manhole covers....small boxes.....elastic bands.....heights.....come to think of it, it was just as well that I am a psychiatric nurse!!

Lychee - puppy

I bought him when he was just 12 weeks old and small enough to sit in a photocopier paper box.

Like all dogs, Lychee loved treats and chasing sticks and combined with a swim he was in seventh heaven.

Give me that treat! Come on!

Just a little stick.... Sticks and water...heaven!

A good run was always fun...

I just love an open field!

As was taking his master for a walk...

Lychee taking me for a walk in the countryside a few years ago Cuddles...

or just a cuddle and a lick.

Of course he slowed down as he got older but still enjoyed a relaxing chew of the occasional toy...lots of biscuits of course and lots of company.

Someone put a treat in this thing! But it won't be there for long...

And this is one of the last pictures I have of him with a friend's dog at a BBQ in July 2007.


He was a lovely, friendly dog. I miss him.



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